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My name is Alex Jones, I am a senior at Shawnee State university and I’ve spent the majority of my life in southern Ohio. I have been interested in game design / programing since the age of 14. My passion was ignited by games such as Minecraft and Halo reach in which I spent hundreds of hours building levels, from there I moved onto working in Unity3D and building small games mostly with a focus in level design and doing a small amount of programming to add features such as teleporters and player movement. In my senior year of high school, I went through a python tutorial on codecademy.com which was the first time I really programmed anything. I realized that I loved it and my passion slowly moved more towards programming and less towards level design.


I am a senior at Shawnee State University, finishing up my last semester to complete my Bachelor of Science in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology. In my studies I have learned how to use multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, and Lua. I have also branched out to work with HTML and CSS to set up simple websites. During my final two years of school I have spent time working in multiple game engines such as Unreal, Unity, and GameMaker. My senior project is a yearlong VR project being made in Unity using C# and the SteamVR API. My studies have covered topics such as optimization, operating system design, algorithms, computer graphics, and I am currently in classes covering artificial intelligence and complier design. While my degree is targeted at game design/programming the subject matter applies in many other fields of work.


Programming Languages
C ++ = 90  :  C# = 80  :  Python = 80  :  Java = 60
Game Engines
Unity = 95  :  Unreal = 70


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About the project

The goal of this project is to recreate the prominent features of the PyGame library in C++. The project will be targeted at the Windows platform using the standard Windows Library. The current goal for the project is to recreate all of the draw functions, the display settings, and the flip method. This project is brand new and separate from school projects.


Intel Intrinsics

About the project

This is a collection of four applications that were built to learn how to use intel Intrinsics, particularly all the versions of SSE and AVX.


The goal of this project was to add and echo to an audio file and to use SSE to make the process more efficient. This was accomplished by using SSE and copying the frames for a specific amount of time and then adding them on top of the following frames.


The goal of this project was to take and image and dim or brighten it by a specific amount. This was Accomplished by using SSE and adding the specified amount to the pixels making sure to keep them in the range of 0-255 but using the SSE min and max functions.


The goal of this project was to convert a Targa format image into a Bitmap format image. This was accomplished by using the SSE2 shuffle function to put the pixels into a BGR order and remove the alpha values if there were any.

Tempo doubler

The goal of this project was to increase the tempo of an audio file by cutting half of the frames out of the file. This was accomplished using AVX and swizzling the frame information using the AVX permutevar, and blend functions.



About the project

This project was a yearlong in class project. The first half of the year spent learning a brief history of computer graphics and how they work, setting up an OpenGL project, and getting introduced to GLSL (OpenGL shading language). The second half of the year was spent building this project and implementing features such as loading models, glowing materials, HDR lighting, several different types of screen blur, shadows, screen overlays, skeletal animation, and user input.



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